AIDemo2 v1.0 (2008)

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Download .RAR ( 10.1 MB )
AIDemo2 is a demonstration of a massively threaded game environment. Dubbed the "DUI2" engine, every entity in the game is designed to run on it's own thread. The core components of the game, such as rendering, updating, sound, input and more are also threaded. AIDemo2 can, at times, easily break 200 threads during normal operation. It's the first of it's kind ( at least that I know of ) that attempts to massively parallelize a game environment, effectively future proofing the game so that it will run better and better as newer hardware is released over time. Parallelization in games is a major topic of research and interest in todays industry, and this demonstration game should show that instead of supporting a fixed number of threads, which can only take advantage of a finite amount of generations of hardware improvements, massive parallelization is workable and functionable.

Although the name of the demo is "AI" demo, It's not really a demonstration of any particular Artifical Intelligence. Rather, it's a sequel to AIDemo, which was a demonstration of AI. AIDemo was a fine candidate for demonstrating massive parallelization - in AIDemo2, every lifeform on the screen runs on it's own thread, every "Brain" within each lifeform runs on it's own thread - every bullet in the scene runs on it's own thread!

While AIDemo was only interactive in a simple way, AIDemo2 is more interactive as you are able to step into the shoes of any character on the screen at any time.


Should I read the readme?

Yes, you should read the readme!

Argh, it crashed and now I can't click!

I don't know why! Use the keyboard! Alt+Tab, Tab, the Arrow Keys, Spacebar, and maybe even Ctrl+Alt+Delete are your friends!

There are minor little graphical bugs!

I probably know about them, they're just not a priority. I am but one man! Perhaps in time.

What are the system requirements?

The game is mainly geared towards a multi-core system. At least a dual-core system is recommended. The graphics card isn't as important, but it should support Shader Model 2.0 or 1.1. You should have DirectX 9.0c or Windows Vista to run AIDemo2 - I haven't tested it in Linux through wine or whatever.

It sayed Failed to Init Sound or Graphics!

Run the programs in the Installers folder in the RAR to make sure you have OpenAL and the relevant DirectX runtime library installed. Otherwise, who knows what the problem is!

So how do I do the thing that changes the resolution and stuff...

Check the readme.txt file that comes in the download. It'll tell you how to edit the settings.ini file to do different things.