LXExhibition v1.3 (2006)

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Download .RAR

LXExhibition is a demonstration of the LX 3D Engine written with the Direct3D API. It contains 98 individual objects as well as 17 light sources, rendered with Shader Model 2.0. It demonstrates the LX Engine's capability of professional level graphics, even without being a multi-million dollar budgeted project.

Change Log:

Version 1.3:
- Internal restructuring of the render pipeline fixes bugs, enhances rendering correctness and grants a 10% overall performance increase.
- A flame has been added to the inside of the lantern.
- Specular movement bug is fixed.

Version 1.2:
- Internal improvements leads to a 50% improvement in framerate.
- More textures and models have been improved.
- Smoke has been fixed and improved upon.
- Added an editable settings file so you can set the resolution, windowed vs fullscreen, etc.
- Shader Model 1.1 is now supported - older hardware will now be able to run the demo!
- Specular highlights have been added so things look really cool.

Version 1.1:
- Many Internal improvements.
- Some textures and models have been improved ( namely the ground and columns. )
- Cart's smokestack is now active with smoke particles that billow out.


What is needed to run?

Your system needs a few things to be able to run the LXExhibition program.
- DirectX 9.0c.
- Shader Model 2.0 or Shader Model 1.1 compatable video card.

The DirectX 9.0c installation program if you do not already have DirectX 9.0c installed can be found on Microsoft's website here. Note that because DirectX is Windows only, the demo will not work on Unix based OS's such as OSX or any flavor of Linux.

How do I run the program?

Firstly, be sure to run the executable dxsetup.exe in the DirectX Redist folder. After you have installed the necessary components, run LXExhibition.exe and check out the demonstration!

Installation? What? Why do I need to install anything DirectX related?

In the middle of DirectX 9.0c's lifetime, Microsoft decided to change around how the API functions - namely by seperating D3DX into it's own DLL, instead of a static library that can be compiled into the program. This, however, means that the file you used to install DirectX 9.0c at one time or another did not contain this .dll file. This merely provides the necessary .dll file, which changes over time as Microsoft releases new versions of it in their newer SDKs. Even commercial games need to make an effort to distribute this constantly changing file, although they encorporate this process in the installation step.

I added the exe to do this instead of just adding the file itself because that is the proper and 'legal' way Microsoft wants it to be done. Oh well.

I have it installed but it's still complaining...

You have to install the new one that comes with version 1.2. If you ran the exhibition demo before, that one is outdated. Like I said, Microsoft likes to update D3DX, so the newest version is included!

It says "Failed to Init Graphics" or something like that. It's not working!

This means that your video card does not support either Shader Model 2.0 or Shader Model 1.1. I'm not sure what you can do besides either use someone else's computer or upgrade your system. That or maybe it's far more obscure problem...

The text looks kind of weird...

That has to do with the texture. It's kind of troublesome to go and fix it, so I didn't. I'll... get to it later.

The text is kind of weird when the camera is locked to the cart...

Yeah, I'll be fixing that by the next release.

So how do I do the thing that changes the resolution and stuff...

Check the readme.txt file that comes in the download. It'll tell you how to edit the settings.ini file to do different things.