LXExhibition2 v1.0a (2007)

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Download .RAR ( 50.1 MB )
LXExhibition2 is a demonstration of the LX Engine - an easy to use and fully functional suite of 3D, Sound and Input systems. This demonstration uses flexible, high level Lua scripting to drive all of the game logic, and renders 86 world objects using 105 unique meshes and textures, compared to 32 in the previous demonstration program. LXExhibition2 transitions between times of day, displaying a wide range of colors and light levels, and ranges up to nineteen fully dynamic light sources lighting the scene, depending on the hour.


Version 1.0a
- Bundled OpenAL redistributable with download.


What is needed to run?

Your system needs a few minor things to be able to run LXExhibition2.
- DirectX 9.0c. - Shader Model 2.0 or Shader Model 1.1 compatable video card.
The DirectX 9.0c installation program if you do not already have DirectX 9.0c installed can be found on Microsoft's website here. LXExhibition2 will currently only run on Windows machines. Unless it works through wine. I couldn't tell you - give it a shot.

How do I run the program?

As with LXExhibition, be sure to run the executable dxsetup.exe in the DirectX Redist folder. After you have installed the necessary components, run LXExhibition2.exe and check out the demonstration! Read the page for for futher details.

It says "Failed to Init Graphics" or something like that. It's not working!

This means that your video card does not support either Shader Model 2.0 or Shader Model 1.1. I'm not sure what you can do besides either use someone else's computer or upgrade your system. That or maybe it's far more obscure problem...

It says "Failed to Init Sound" or something like that. It's not working again!

You need to install the OpenAL redistributable that now comes with LXExhibition2.

So how do I do the thing that changes the resolution and stuff...

Check the readme.txt file that comes in the download. It'll tell you how to edit the settings.ini file to do different things.