NetCollector (2004)

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NetCollector, given a URL, will scour the internet, starting at the place you specify, going from link to link, collecting images. It accomplishes this by going to a webpage, acquiring all the links to other pages, downloading every image on that site, and continuing on. It will recursively goto every page linked to the starting page, and every page linked to every one of those, etc. The end result of this program is that if left to it's own accord, it has the power to download every picture on the entire internet. Naturally the kind of pictures you would acquire would depend heavily on where you started your NetCollecting from, but given a general theory of the internet as a whole, it is not infeasible for every page on the internet to be hit.

Features of the program include:
- Choose whether or not JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TGA will or will not be downloaded.
- NetCollector can pick up where it left off last session, allowing you to space your collecting at your convenience.
- Limit NetCollecting to a Base URL, essentially collecting images only on the given site.
- Restrict thumbnail downloading to images underneath a given size in KB

NetCollector is written in Java, and requires the recent version of the Java Virtual Machine to function. ( Java 1.5 ) Visit if you do not already have the JVM installed, or if you are running an older version.