Shane Zamora
Software Design Engineer
Microsoft Corporation
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Shane Zamora

I received a BS in Computer Science in June 2008 and an MS in Computer Science in June 2010 with a research focus on sketch recognition from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During my time I've used tools learned from both my courses at UCSB as well as independent studies on a number of projects. This website outlines projects I have worked on in my free time, as well as notable projects I've been involved with in the classroom. For the summer of 2010 I have been working as a research assistant in the Four Eyes Lab at UCSB, developing a plugin-based 3D cybersecurity situational awareness and network visualization tool for the AlloSphere, a three story tall spherical immersive display. In November of 2010 I started as a full time developer at Microsoft.

The most appealing aspect of programming is the ability to build anything one can imagine, from a simple website to an entire digital world. I aim to work as a game developer and bring to life the many ideas I've had over the years. I've focused a great deal on attention on computer graphics, building on top of a foundation of theory and mathematics with experience with DirectX, OpenGL, Cg/HLSL, shader assembly, and more. My most notable project is a massively-threaded game environment with a custom 3D, Sound, and Input engine, integrated ODE physics, Lua scripting, and a set of custom tools for level editing, 3D model data editing, and more.